How to make the switch at the top of six hours of training with you on your computer or phone in your private time.
Time Line Theraphy Osnat Michelle Saturn Determines Cutting and Training in the NLP Method and Nutritionist and Trainer Certified Fitness.

  • How to Get Rid of Restrictive Beliefs Like: “I am weak in character”, “I will always stay fat”, “My body only sees food and fats”
  • How to arrange the plate , What to eat, when, and how much
  • A complete guide to intermittent fasting
  • How to read nutrition and ingredient lists
  • What exercise to do when the goal is weight loss
  • What to eat before and after exercise
  • How to make the body secrete six hormones that burn fat
  • How to control the insulin hormone
  • Time Line Theraphy video Bonos- set goals and create a reality with NLP method

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